How to Network at Conventions


I’ll let Mel Dawn take it from here. She’s going to tell us about the importance of networking at conventions, and other types of events.

How to Network at Conventions


by Mel Dawn

It’s difficult to network when you’re stuck in front of the computer all day. But you can sign up for conventions, conferences, trade shows, and courses, where you can network with real people. Keep a supply of business cards handy, because you never know when you’ll want to connect again.
You may feel uncomfortable simply handing someone your card, so be sure to introduce yourself first. And don’t just say how you can help them, present a common problem that their business may have, and offer a solution. And then hand them your card. Follow up after the convention, but don’t ask for anything! Develop a good rapport with them, then a few months down the road ask your contact if they have need of your services. Build up trust and friendship first.

One great event for writers, readers, artists, and publishers to network at is the Creative Ink Festival, held just minutes away from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Please find more information at the Creative Ink Festival Website—click here.


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Customers Love Video

videoWhy? Because it’s like TV—they don’t have to work for it. They don’t have to read anything, and they don’t have to click through endless pages of buttons and arrows just to read one article.

Videos can be as simple as you like. A home-made video of your product in action is better than a professionally-edited video that costs you thousands of dollars to make.

The Value of Graphics & Charts

graph-841606_1280Your potential clients want to see more than just articles and long pages of text, they want to see engaging photographs and applicable charts and graphics. You can source photos from such free sites such as, or, draw up your own in Word. A graphic can explain a lot more in one space than the lengthiest explanation ever can. Dress up your next blog with more than text and see how your readers engage with you.


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